Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tom Leykis going head to head with John and Ken

Very interesting day Tuesday with Tom Leykis going head to head with John and Ken. Both shows started at 3pm and both talked about the Kelly Thomas beating. The video was released yesterday and I'm sure Tom knew that John and ken would be talking about it at the top of their show. Tom had on Gustavo Arellano from the OC Weekly for 2 hours. John and Ken had a reporter from the Santa Ana Courthouse. A story that is very hard for me to take. I think it's an important milestone to have Tom doing his new digital show opposite an old Terrestrial show.

Earlier I heard Michael Medved talking about reparations for Native Ameicans for some reason. Michael made a strong point that a lot of what is known about Native Americans is simply not true like this shocking tidbit. The famous public service spot from the 70's about pollution with a Native American and a tear running down his face. This actor was a man named Iron Eyes Cody. Turns out in 1996 his Italian ancestry was made public.

Larry Elder was talking about this comment made by Cher: If ROMNEY gets elected I don't know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters." Why would you even talk about this or her? Why am I writing about it? Last night I saw her on Twitter and sent her a tweet: "go read a history book, Liberals have the worlds worst record!"

On Leo Laportes' This Week in Tech Podcast they talked about Discovery Channel buying the online entertainment and tech channel Revision 3 for $30 million. This is a very popular channel online started by Tech Investor Kevin Rose, and should do very well. Also they mentioned that the CEO of Yahoo lied on his resume and Leo remarked that they are going down in flames and don't know what they are doing. Someone will scoop them up or they will cease to exist.

Ryan O'Neal's son calls Minneapolis radio talk show to defend his dad.

I listened to an Adam Carolla Show last night while writing and heard Adam with Doctor Bruce from May 6th. On this show Adam talks about doing the live show with Dennis Prager in San Diego on Saturday Night. Check my last blog post for a great photo from that. Also on this show Adam mentions that he got a job for Comedian Marc Maron on the Family guy though Adam's friend Seth MacFarlane. He said Marc was like a pig in shit happy.

Adam did this hilarious riff on the new music bed for traffic reports on KRLA radio. He played a clip from a traffic report and you hear Techo music under it. Adam hates Techno. He's always yelling "who like's this shit? who?"

Ray Romono will be on Adam's show next week. Craig Ferguson on Marc Maron's show Thursday. Also a big congrats to Alison Rosen (Adam's News Girl) She has her own New Podcast called "Alison Rosen is your new best friend". It's just passed a million downloads. I'm stunned by that number.

- JP

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