Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tom's not having a good day.

Tom Leykis came on at 4 o'clock and was not happy. "I'm not having a good day". A caller asked Dino the call screener when Tom was going back on the radio. This guy that called was listening online to the show because he got the number to call. Tom was livid. "I come in here in a good mood and some mother fucker calls here and asks when I'm going to be back on the radio, I'm like a powder keg, what do you think I've been doing working my ass off for three years to build?, do you think my show on the radio would be better than what we can do here?, what we are doing here is not radio". Tom also talked about the Grove and boxer Manny Pacquiao as well as Hugh Hewitt and Larry Elder. Here is a blog post by Tom: 

The Tom Leykis Show on 24/7 at

Here is a turn the dial 8:03PM I turned on KFI for about 5 seconds and Tim Conway Jr. and Aron Bender were singing the Riverside Metro Auto Group commercial jingle. Violating once again the "No singing in Talk Radio" Rule.

Dennis Miller tonight said that CNN's host "Ashleigh Banfield is the stupidest person on TV"

Mark Levin went on a funny rant playing clips of VP Biden yelling into the mic in Ohio and telling everyone that jobs are coming back. He sounded so stupid. I don't understand why Obama doesn't kick him to the curb. This video is a total embarrassment. 

One of the last independently owned and operated major market radio frequencies, 101.7 FM in Boston, currently known as WFNX (Alternative Boston), has been sold by the Phoenix Media-Communications Group to Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

Sean Hannity had new audio of Reverend Wright saying all the things we already knew. Really telling. Sean is going nuts on Twitter these days. People are even calling into the show. @seanhannity

A couple things I checked out last night were incredible. The Ray Ramano interview with Adam Carolla, just awesome. And then I listened to this. Alec Baldwin has a podcast on NPR called "Here's the Thing". Very highly produced and just incredible. What ever you think of Baldwin he's got a great voice and knows how to talk and interview. I listened to him interview Robert Osborn from Turner Classic Movies and it's a must hear. Other interviews on the website include Kristen Wig, Kathleen Turner, Dick Cavett, Herb Alpert. 

- JP

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