Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some Saturday Laughs

I totally missed Leo Laporte today. The little wee and I headed out early to the OC Market Place Swap Meet. It's always a blast. We were blasting some Go Country on 105.1 FM on the way. I'm usually sitting in my chair on Saturday mornings listening to Morning Edition with Scott Simon and then Car Talk and then Leo. And then we usually go to lunch. Deb had to be somewhere at about 4pm so we got an early start today. I love this place, you can walk around with a beer and we had a kick ass brisket sandwich.

I have been listening to The Fabulous Lisa Ann Walter Show on KFI after we arrived back home. Lisa is on KFI Saturdays and Sundays 4-6PM. She is in my opinion the best female radio talk show host on the air today. I'm not sure why women don't do well on the radio. Just recently KRLA 870 put this woman named Heidi Harris on for the morning show. I have not heard it for more than about 5 minutes. I can tell you honestly I'm not impressed. Her voice kind of grates on me. But people grow on you after a while. I'll go and check her out some more and report back.

Lisa is in show biz, she is an actress, comedienne, producer, writer and has a lot of great stories about the biz. Did I mention she's hot? And she's a mother. Check out this photo.

She's very funny and laughs a lot. She's about my age being born in 1963, same as me! She even has her own IMDB page:

It's a good show and she's always fresh and happy and joking around. It's worth a listen. Her guest today was Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. Very funny back and forth. He will be at the Brea Improv tonight. Check his website:

Also today on the way home from the OC I tweeted to Tom Leykis. Yesterday when he was about to get in the Lexus and drive up to his Santa Barbara Ranch he mentioned that when he got there he would be putting a huge slab of Baby Back Ribs in the smoker. I asked him how the ribs turned out and to please post a photo. At about 6pm he did it. 

Here is Tom's Tweet:  Move over #BrettFavre! Time for some REAL pornography: another edition of Tweet Your Meat! #Leykis #TweetYourMeat

- JP

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