Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sliding Back into Town Rested

5 days away in Santa Barbara and now we are back. Didn't listen to much radio or online media. I did check out a few minutes of Tom Leykis on the really crappy Wi-Fi. In all three of the hotels we were at it was pretty crappy. It was really cool hearing a few minutes of Tom's Friday show. It hit me how great it is not to worry about going out of town and being out of range of a radio station. This will work anywhere, how cool. But the Wi-Fi sucked. The wired internet especially at the Double Tree was smoking fast. Listened to a little Conway on the ride home. He said a funny line talking about Tuna having elevated levels of radiation from the Fukushima Plant in Japan. He said "Looks like the Tuna industry just got Fukushima'd in the can"

Turned on Tom Leykis and he's talking about how he thinks Pinterest is crap and "things chicks hate". A replay of the first hour he was talking about smoking and grilling, love that. One amazing hour. Hope he does more of that. He's a real BBQ fanatic and obviously knows his stuff. But that's just Tom, he never does stuff half way.

The radio star alive and well: Q&A with Tom Leykis:

"Harry Bush...I did a morning show with Harry Bush in Albany New York" - Tom Leykis

I got 85 emails that I am just now looking at. Here are some interesting news items.

Wow Tony is a facebook friend and a cool dude.
KFI, Los Angeles Engineer Tony Dinkel Exits as Position Eliminated.  He was just a day shy of his 29th anniversary at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s KFI, Los Angeles when he was notified his position as transmitter site broadcast engineer was being eliminated, but Tony Dinkel has nothing but fond memories of his time with the station.  The 57-year-old engineer tells the Orange County Register’s Gary Lycan he’ll always remember all the great people he worked with at the station.  Dinkel also served as the remote engineer and station staffers praised Dinkel’s ability to get remote broadcasts off without a hitch.
Here is the OC Register Story on Tony: ‘Go-to guy' at KFI Is gone; Tony Dinkel relives memories:

KDOC-TV/LOS ANGELES has named radio icon CHARLIE TUNA as the voice of the station. TUNA has worked as morning drive personality for more stations and formats than anyone in LOS ANGELES radio history -- Top 40, AC, Hot AC, Oldies, Talk, Sports Talk

Doug McIntyre's Daily News column: No more cheers left after years of letdowns. http://www.dailynews.com/columnists/ci_20737395/doug-mcintyre-no-more-cheers-left-after-years

Mark Davis who sits in for Rush often is Back to Talk Host Duties in Big D on Salem’s KSKY.  Longtime Dallas media personality Mark Davis returns to the radio in the market on Salem Communications’ KSKY in the 7:00 am to 10:00 am time slot.  Davis, a Dallas Morning News columnist and television political commentator, exited Cumulus Media’s crosstown WBAP after 18 years in April when the two sides could not agree to a contract extension. http://www.talkers.com/

- JP

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