Thursday, May 10, 2012

Round Two, Tom Leykis and John and Ken

Tom Leykis did a follow up on the Kelly Thomas beating today after news that both the cops will go to trial. John and and Ken spent 3 hours on it. Tom came on at 3pm and talked about how he will not "take out callers Kelly Thomas style" if they ask. This is a feature of the show where at the end of a call Tom plays a sound effect to end the call like blowing them up. Instead he will "take them out Fullerton PD style" if they ask. He feels that Kelly Thomas is an innocent person and want's to make a point by playing the audio of Kelly Thomas being beaten and tased and begging for his father to help. Tom says that he will stop playing it when someone from the Fullerton PD comes in the studio and explains.

Tom in the 5 o'clock hour did a great show on how we don't need the post office any longer. He said "We don't need the phonograph anymore, we don't need anymore and we don't need the post office anymore. He also riffed on the stupid Yellow pages and how it goes right into the recycle bin.

Larry Elder was talking about Obama and Gay marriage and Hugh Hewitt was at the Nixon Library with Dennis Prager. Dennis has had a lot of luck with getting on the air talking about his new book, bravo. By the way I don't think I have ever heard a remote broadcast with such great sound quality, someone knows their job.

John and Ken also had Jamiel Shaw's father on after a jury found Pedro Espinoza guilty Wednesday of murdering star high-school football player Jamiel Shaw II in 2008. That's a very heavy story.

A big day. Most of the day everyone was talking about how Obama came out and said that he now supports Gay Marriage. I think he's just using this for election purposes, it's pretty transparent. This was all over the radio today.

Pretty much as a goof I listened to the PM Show Podcast with Actor Robert Conrad on CRN Talk Radio, whatever that is on the Sticher Radio app on my Android phone. His voice sounds much different than it used to but the bravado is still there. He's 83 now. His birthday was last week. He's known for the great TV show "The Wild Wild West" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep". He actually plays the theme to Baa Baa Black Sheep at the beginning of the show. I have not heard that in years. I love both those shows! He did that stupid Duracell ad years ago.

So he takes calls and it's pretty much a love fest and questions about his career. He has two sons and it sounds like he lives in a huge beach house in Malibu and I think he owns and flys a plane. He sounds pretty happy except he has some medical problems. He's got a bum arm and a foot with problems. But he still has all his marbles.

This CRN has a ton of commercials like one for Sears. They are making money as you can hear, about 6 commercials on every break, which is about every ten minutes. This show was about a hour and half and I got though about 30 minutes. It's got some really good Jazz bumpers that he comments on.

Adam on the way home tonight with guest Morgan Spurlock talking about his new film that Adam is in called Mansome Good show as always, Mahalo!

- JP

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