Friday, May 4, 2012

No More Wang

Just as I was pulling in the garage tonight I hear that Randy Wang the board op of the Tim Conway Jr. Show is quitting his job. He is going to work for a KFI advertiser, Loan Mart. Randy was telling Tim that he can't make any money at KFI and is in huge debt. He's been in debt for a long time. I think he's just tired of KFI not paying him for what he's worth. He was a board op at 97.1 The FM Talk Station and has been with Tim for 5 years. He's a very talented guy and is probably the best board op in LA. I think KFI is making a big mistake. I'm sure Tim and lots of other people at KFI are not happy about this, but what can you do. They refuse to pay him a decent wage so he's leaving. I've met Randy a couple times. I've met his very cool parents Pam and Bob. I'm not sure he likes me all that much. He kicked my ass off of the Conway Show facebook page last year for posting something about Tim that was just a harmless joke, whatever. For those that don't know his real name it's Ryan Wong. Tim called him Randy Wang as a goof. I think he will be missed by the staff of the show. Nice going KFI, stupid move. This photo is from Randy's birthday at "The Draft" in the valley in 2009 (Randy, me and Deb)

A couple of other things from today. If you get a chance check out an interview with Julia Louis-Dreyfus I heard part of on NPR's Fresh Air. She has a new show.

An Easter Egg from Gina Trapani of TWIG (this week in Google) go to Google and type in zerg rush

I heard a funny ad for YP. Hey do you want to find local businesses in your area?, it's easy just go to What's the hell is YP? It's the f-ing Yellow Pages trying to be cool. Who the hell would uses this. Die already good god.

Best hour of the Leykis show today is in the 5 o'clock hour. Tom talks about how he refuses to be conned and treated like a wallet by women ever again. Really good hour. He tells a great story about how he took this woman on a cruise and they didn't do "It" for the whole 7 day cruise, he left her in the Miami Airport with no return ticket. That would re-air 2am, 5am, 8am 11am, you get the idea.

Oh yea I almost forgot,

Casey Bartholomew Filling In at Rush Radio 99.5/New Orleans on Friday morning, today. Casey used to be the voice of KFI here in LA in the 90's. His voice was used for promos for the station, pretty funny stuff too.

And if you want to torture yourself with a puff piece on KFI, this is in the Daily News. Really not a very objective piece, stupid really. Radio: Attention to detail makes KFI dominant player:

- JP