Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Leykis Experiment and Moving to the Future of Radio

I don't know where to start with this, I'm so blown away by this show Tuesday. It may be the most important show Tom has ever done. Tom literally went 4 hours and talked about "What is Radio?" "What will happen to Radio?"  "What am I trying to do with this experiment?" Also later in the show he talks about "A bigger picture, we are changing very subtlety toward smaller communities, the like button, Yelp, reviews"

Future of Radio in cars

I usually plan my route so that I will be in an area where my phone has four bars so I can be sure to hear the opening of The Tom Leykis Show. Tom came on today and was talking about answering interview questions that will be put into some online or print publication. He did not mention who this was. The questions and Tom's answers are listed on Tom's facebook page: The post starts with: Please give me your reaction to this interview I just gave.
Here are some of the questions:
***What has it been like going from hosting a radio show on FM radio to online? Has there been a transition involved?
**Do you miss being on FM radio? Why or why not?
**What are the benefits to being on online radio? The benefits of terrestrial?
It is so amazing what Tom wrote. He said he took a lot of time and put a lot of thought into the answers. I urge you to check it out. This is one smart dude. Some people think he's that guy that just does Tits and Ass radio and hates women, you are just not paying attention, trust me. I think Tom is changing his whole approach and boy did he explain just about everything he's thinking about, his goal with this new company, what he thinks about corporate America and where the Radio business is going and where our culture is going.

Toward the end of the first hour Tom told an incredible story about how he was trying to lease the space he did his 97.1 The FM Talk Station show in for this new show. He said that they knew all these great people on the lot and just enjoyed working there, so he tried to get the studio back. This was a leaky basement studio in the Mae West building at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. You have to hear this. Tom and the boys actually went back to look at the space after 3 years and it looked the same. After negotiations with Paramount, Tom said no because of restrictions on his speech and mentioning Paramount on the show.

Then! Tom tells a story about a local LA Talk station (Tom called it, not one of the highest rated stations). He gets a call from someone (I think it's his old buddy Jack Silver, the PD of KLSX, who is now at KABC radio, I could be wrong) asking him if he would like to do a fill in show for someone going on vacation at.....3pm! He said no. Can you even imagine Tom Leykis sitting in for Larry Elder LOL oh my god! "Talk Radio 790...K...ABC, The Larry Elder Show...My name is Tom Leykis sitting in for the Sage" Holy shit that would be hilarious. 

So at the half way point Tom starts to talk about big name brands and big companies and how he thinks things are changing to smaller communities and small businesses. He urged the listeners to support local and small businesses and not to "Like" big companies on facebook. 

This show takes you to the full thesis that Tom has in his head and is living. It's one amazing day and not to be missed. Tom says the people that miss this show will regret it. It will be repeated over and over till 3pm Wednesday then the new show comes on. Go to or to hear the podcast go to

Can't wait to see what Tom has to say tomorrow, it will surely be simulating. This is...The New Normal.

- JP

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