Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tom now and back in the day

It's not like I want to write about Tom Leykis everyday but he keeps doing interesting things. Today in the 4 O'clock hour Tom came on and said that he does not want to be pigeon holed by doing the same show he used to do. People have emailed Tom and said they want Leykis 101 all the time or unscreened calls all the time and Tom said today "I refuse!, I do not want to be a cartoon character or stereotyped, I do not want to do one thing all the time, I refuse! I reserve the right to talk about anything I find interesting and nobody can stop me". Tom mentioned that when he did a serious topic his numbers went thought the roof. With all his computers sending the show out on the Internet he can see how many hits he's getting and for how long. I say bravo!. Now I'm sure people that know me would say why are you listening to that asshole?, he hates women and talks about tit's and ass. Well let me tell you I have a long history listening to Tom. I was never a fan of the tit's and ass thing and the Leykis 101 thing is good but it gets old as do all the morons that call in. Back in 1988 when I first heard Tom on KFI he was doing a political talk show or shows on issues. He would bring people in the studio that were on opposite sides of an issue and he would moderate. It was sometimes dry, but interesting. The best times were when Tom did a rant about something he cared about. When he got pissed it was the best. And not too many people remember this but Tom did a show on Saturdays for a while on KFI. I was working Saturdays at this time and would drive around and listen to him talk about personal stories and stories about jobs he had at radio stations and stories about his family. Really great stuff. So the bottom line is that I love that he wants to branch out and just do what ever he wants, it will be very compelling I promise you. Tom is a very intelligent guy and has a lot to say. I think he's changing the business and will effect the radio business here in LA especially, big time. The live stream of his show is on 24 hours a day at

The OC Weekly did a story about Tom and the show he did on the Kelly Thomas beating.

I found a show from Tom's KFI show from June 14, 1990. This is so cool. He mentions the lineup, Joe Crummy at 6pm and Mother Love at 9.

Another OC Weekly article on Adam Carolla's News Girl Alison Rosen. Alison Rosen, Former OC Weekling, Boasts 1 Million Downloads of Her Newish Podcast Show. Today is Alison's birthday, Happy Birthday!

Great article on talking about Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager on stage in San Diego.

Late last night I listened to Craig Ferguson on the Marc Maron Show. I was anxious to hear this show. When big names come on a podcast that intrigues me. I think the main reason he probably drove to Marc's Highland Park garage is because he is getting enormous listeners. Craig was a little quiet and arrogant in the beginning but he warmed up. He talks a lot about his life in Scotland, cool show.

One last thing.....

A caller on the Dennis Miller show tonight said this: "I'm for gay marriage if it provides jobs"

- JP

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