Saturday, May 5, 2012

Great Weekend Shows

I love Saturday. I can sit and listen to Scott Simon on NPR who does Morning Edition. One of the few shows I like on NPR. I don't make a habit out of it. He's such a pro and a pleasure to listen to. When I turned on 89.3 KPCC (from Pasadena City College) around 9am I heard a story about the trial of John Edwards. Don't get me started on this. Well worth hearing. Here is the link:

They also did a story called In 'Engines,' A History Of America Through Cars, great segment:

NPR has been the same for so long it's unreal. I hear this great announcer come on and say "our contributors include Norvo Nordisk" I laugh when I hear that. Just the sound of that cracks me up and I haven't any idea what the hell that is. One of the announcers on during the week comes on and does news and just has this unbelievable voice. "From NPR news I'm Carl Castle". I just did a search and found this photo. I have never laid eyes on him till now. He looks like a Carl Castle doesn't he? 

Then at 10am both Saturday and Sunday (same show) are the Car Talk Guys. Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers. Or bettter know as Tom and Ray Magliozzi from Cambridge Massachusetts. My wife remarked that it's worth turning on this show if only for hearing laughing. They laugh a lot and my wife can't understand fast English being spoken (being Filipino) so she just hears a lot of laughing. I have always thought when a caller says "I have a 1987 Ford Escort" Tom and Ray should say "sorry to hear that" but they don't. These guys are old vets doing this show for years and it's such a pleasure.

Then at 11am I never miss Leo Laporte and his Tech Guy show. I have been a fan for a long time. He seemed a little off his game today. I think he's jet lagged after a long trip to Norway. He didn't say this but I think I know him pretty well. He has The premier Computer Radio Show in the country and he's a total pro. He also does a ton of podcasts at This is Leo in the Twit Cottage Studio, they just moved into a million dollar studio down the street in Petaluma, CA

Their is other shows that I will talk about at another time on the weekends. But one last show that I usually miss because I forget about it is Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells. He only does the show Saturday night. I think he is very underrated and I predict (I've said this before) he will be the next host of Coast to Coast after George retires or leaves. He will be at the helm I bet you. He has the pipes and reminds me of a young Art Bell. Man I miss Art.

- JP

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