Thursday, May 31, 2012

Giving Government the Power Over the Big Gulp...Not!

I fire up the Tune In App on my phone to hear Tom Leykis and I hear music and talking in the background. I tweet to Tom that he has an open mic, I can hear him. He comes on at 3pm and says "One guy tweeted saying we had an open mic. I was doing an interview with someone". I thought that was pretty funny. Tom said today that he added some new piece of equipment that is now making the sound much louder on the stream. Sounds really good, you can tell he did something.

Big news day. Unfortunately the loathsome John Edwards got off today. That really pisses me off. I was listening to KNX News Radio "This is a special report.... the verdict..." the reporters cell phone went dead. Lots of shows talking about this today. Mark Levin said that he did nothing illegal and the prosecution made it complicated and the jury probably had no idea what to do.

Top of the news I heard Nancy Pelosi say she thinks that the Supreme Court will give a 6-3 for Obama Care in June. She was asked what she bases that on and she said "Because I know the Constitution". I almost peed myself laughing. You know what I know Nancy...your an idiot. And then the topper was Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg telling everyone no more Big Gulps. I have never heard so much outrage on radio. Almost every talk show that I scanned by was talking about it. The only person that thought it was a great idea was....Geraldo. What a shock. Geraldo also thinks the plastic bag ban in LA is great. He talked about boating and seeing all these bags in the water. That's littering you genius. Never once did he mention people littering as a problem. And he agrees with Bloomberg. Nice going KABC putting that dumb shit on. John Stossel was on and said "America is supposed to be about Liberty" Geraldo said "Slurpee's look poisonous". "What a world...what a world" - The Wicked Witch of the West

Larry Elder was talking about Bloomberg too and said "Does he know what a horses ass he sounds like?" Dennis Miller was beside himself and said "Right now we are just in loser-ville, I think Bloomberg is a demented little golem. They should make it so you have to be 5'7" to get on Manhattan Island, Bloomberg is 5'6" right?

We have got to just ignore these asswipes that want to ban stuff. All these local governments that do unreasonable things will just get it right in the face with screw you we are not doing it. We should be selling plastic bags on street corners and handing out Big Gulp cups. This goes even as far as raising taxes to a point where you just have to say no way. If enough people did this they wouldn't do crap like this. Revolt against these idiots. I will not be obeying these bans ever and I hope you don't either. The government is not there to tell us what to do, it's there for us to tell them what to do.

This is really good news. KIOI in San Francisco adds Frosty Stilwell To Mornings. He's a good guy and was on KFI for a while but was not a good fit. I wish him good luck.

And I saw this posted on facebook today:

Frazer Smith
In negociations w/ money peeps to buy a major L,A, radio station!

Frazer a long time radio fixture in LA, funny dude. I wonder what this means. Love to see him do something like a new FM Talk Station. "To Hip...Gotta Go!"

- JP

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