Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Day of Plain Radio

Holy crap a huge week in LA traffic, not sure why. Way more than usual. One day this week it was 2 hours and 40 minutes from Anaheim to West Hills, it's usually about an hour and half. The Blood Transport is at the shop and I'm in some 10 year old thing with no cigarette lighter, so no way to charge my phone or use my FM transmitter. It's gonna be this way for next week too. No internet radio, I'm getting so used to it. I was doing some major flipping around trying to avoid commercials on terrestrial radio ;(

A couple things I heard. Dennis Prager was on the Larry Elder Show talking about his book "Still the Best Hope". He was in studio at KABC. It was years ago that Dennis worked at KABC doing Religion on the Line. Love that guy. The interview flew by.

I heard the first 15 minutes of Leykis. Tom was anxious to hit the road and head up to his Santa Barbara Ranch. I noticed no "Mangrate" ad at the top of the show. I love that Apollo 13 check list thing, so cool. Tom was explaining that the show is live at 3pm Pacific. He had been noticing the phones ringing after 6PM. It was primer on when he's on live and when the show is repeated.

Dennis Miller everyday in his first half hour is riffing and laughing and his producer Christian is laughing and I swear to you I never have any idea what the hell he's talking about. He's soft into the mic and making voices and laughing talking about a birds nest outside his window that has little eggs in it and would it be weird if the bird ordered an omelet for breakfast. I know he's trying to be funny but it's not. I love Dennis but improv is not his thing. He mentioned that he was reading an advanced copy of Adam Carolla's new book "Not Taco Bell Material"

Coming back from a break Tim Conway was singing to the ELO tune "telephone". Violating the "No Singing on Talk Radio" rule. He supposedly broke Steckler's phone last week, he's out sick and Tim was calling him and it was just ringing. He was talking to Steve Gregory with the phone ringing in the background. Lame bit, sorry. I think Tim's killing Tim.

I heard a news story on NPR then I heard Aron Bender on KFI do it as well. It's the ball that went though the legs of Bill Buckner in the 1986 World Series Game 6. It sold at action today for $418,000. I met Seth Swirsky (the owner of the ball) at Farmers Market a couple of years ago. I asked Seth if he would go on the radio and talk about it and promote his music CD. He said of course. I emailed Jason the producer of Tim Conway Jr's show because Tim is a nut for game 6. They never got back to me about it. Would have been great to hear that show.

I'll try to check out some weekend shows and report back.

- JP

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