Friday, May 18, 2012

Chock Full of Nuts

First things first. I drive home at around 9:30 Thursday night from the job and I heard Tim Conway say that LA's Best Newsman, KFI's Aron Bender is going to be a father. Just a big shout out to Aron and his beautiful wife Len. You guys will be great parents.

Whitley Strieber long time guest on Coast to Coast AM just said that he talked to Jackie Gleasons' wife and she told him that Nixon took Gleason to an Air Force hanger and showed him alien space craft. Never heard that before.

The usual on Thursdays is TWIG (This Week in Google) with Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis and Leo Laporte. Jeff was sitting outside with a background of the Sidney Harbor down under. I only listen to the audio but this might be a good one to go to and watch the video that is available for free. I love this show and this group is really great together. Former Google employee Kevin Marks was also on, he's really bright and a Brit. Kevins podcast Tummelvision is a weekly salon-style podcast on how to live in a networked world: covered the facebook IPO and talked about the new version of Android, which will be called Jelly Bean. Google is adding more stuff to search called "Knowledge Graph" sort of like Wikipedia. Read this to find out more. It's rolling out slowly so you may not get it today but soon.

Leykis was in a silly mood. He posted on facebook with no explanation the very disturbing photo of that poor woman that was attacked by a chimp and had her face mutilated. Tom was laughing at the comments of outraged people. Tom admits to be a shit stirrer. Gary the producer said he knows a guy that bought the Sketcher Shape Up shoes (that has been in the news) He said that this guy had no idea they were for chicks to tone their ass. He said it took a week for him to stop laughing. Tom also took a call from some Russian guy that went on and on. Art running the board kept playing this drop of the fast forward sound on a Tivo. It was hilarious.

John and Ken talked about Jeff Conaway from Taxi. His wife told the Enquirer that he knew John Travolta and woke up one morning and he was pleasuring him. Jeff never talked to him again. And now Gloria Allred is involved, oy vey. If all this is really true about Travolta I'm gonna be really pissed. He's done so many great movies that I won't want to ever watch again.

I flipped over to Mike Gallagher on 870 KRLA at 6pm. He's in New York this week and told a story about going to the old school steak house in Brooklyn called Peter Lugar. Looking at the website it's says they have been in business for 125 years. Mike raved about this place and said he and 6 other people loved it. He said "That bill must have been just huge"

On Adam Carolla a very interesting interview with someone I have never heard of. A former CIA Agent Buck Sexton, he wrote a book about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Just a very articulate guy and a great great interview. He's not for or a part of the Occupy movement, just a very objective observer. One other thing, Adam's son Sonny was recorded saying "It's just a waste of my time". This has become the secret handshake for show fans. Heard on someone's phone in a bar. It's available as a ring tone now.

I was listening to Doug McIntyre on KABC on demand last night and he had a comment about Wednesday. "We made it to hump day, we have a lot of humping to do before we get though this". And Teri-Rae Elmer did her famous "Ewwwww!" I haven't heard that since she left KFI!

- JP

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