Thursday, May 3, 2012

Changing Times

I wanted to start a new blog about the changing face of talk radio and the upcoming digital shows, podcasts, web broadcasts, netcasts, whatever. I don't think we have a term that has stuck yet. I think their is a merging about to take place. On the new Tom Leykis show that started in April people are calling in on the phone and telling Tom that they are glad to hear him back on the radio. Tom's new show is only on the Internet. Old habits are hard to break. We may end up just going back to a simple description like "Talk Show" and then figure out where it is, on the radio or online somewhere. I think this spring is a turning point for the digital media and for talk radio. There are some players that are really settling in and making a huge mark. A player for a while now that is just going gang busters is Adam Carolla. He is the king of downloads and is making some good money with advertising. He just built a brand new studio. I love the show. He talks about his family, about racing cars (he won the Celebrity Long Beach Gran Prix race) and talks about his days on the road doing very successful stand up gigs across the country and complains a lot, which he is good at. I love the guy, and oh nothing he has a new book (Not Taco Bell Material). Then April 2nd Tom Leykis came back from 3 years off and starts up his show just like it never went away. Only one thing, no FCC and he's loving it. Unfettered free speech. He's got advertisers and tons of callers. The first week he had 400,000 listeners, that's huge. It's funny how that same week you heard KFI's Bill Handel hocking advertising on KFI. Could that be because they are worried about Tom and Adam taking advertisers away?, I think so. I think they have to be worried. If a couple more people go digital and they are good shows and you can hear them in your not on your radio....but on your phone, they will be in real trouble. Maybe it will make their shows better. I have an idea dump Mike Diamond commercials. Everyday I turn the radio down as fast as possible when I hear that ad, it's horrible. And I'm sorry (I have been a fan for 15 years) but Tim Conway Jr. has lost his mind. One of the worst shows on in LA now. Tom Leykis does an hour about the Kardashians and how anyone could listen to such crap. And then Conway does a show about them, then tonight again. ahhh baboo. I love Tim and Steckler Fridays but him alone is horrible. Other shows I think are good and I listen to regularly is comedian Marc Maron, and Leo Laporte on his Twit Network, Larry Miller has a great show (get well soon, he hit his head). There is a ton of stuff out there that I still have not discovered. Am I'm with the f-ing audiobooks all the time, yea man.

One thing of note this week was KABC radio took away Doug McIntyre's Jazz. Very sad. He will no longer be using his hand picked tunes for bumpers. It was a signature of Doug's and of course I think it's a mistake. People will barrage Mr. Jack Silver I hope, the PD. Doug has done this for years and years and it will be missed. LA Times did an article about Doug this week.,0,1985180.story

One more recent mention of a KABC alum is Dave Williams who did news on KABC, now is at KLIF in Texas doing a morning show.

So in this new blog as with my other blog I will tell it like it is, good and bad and harsh at times. I'm unfettered here and like to be honest, positive or negative. People tell me I have an attitude problem, yea so?  If you know a good inside morsel of LA radio or of the new digital media talk shows email me or check me out on facebook

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