Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cashews Steamrolled The Moog

Right before 10 O'clock Wednesday night on my drive home I heard Tim Conway Jr. say the words "Kim Kardashian" and then the radio went silent.......that's when I turned it off. I don't know when Tim will give up this fool hardy attempt to try to get young listeners (females) to turn on KFI. Nobody....nobody under 25 that loves the Kardashians is turning on KFI. Soon as they hear it's on AM Radio they scrunch their face, it's like black and white tv. I can only take so much BS and being a loyal listener for so many years I feel abused, ahhh baboo. No guy with any cashews wants to hear that shit. Buy a clue...and install it. Tim did say something very funny in the short time I listened:

KFI's Aron Bender: "A juror in the John Edward's trial was not present for deliberations because they had to take care of some personal business".

Tim Conway Jr.: "What was his name?....Brian Whitman?"

I heard Sean Hannity talking to Penn Jillette today. They were discussing Penn's wanting drugs to be legal for all kinds of reasons. Penn is such a big guy and a big personality that even Sean could not help but get steamrolled. Penn just keeps talking and will not be interrupted. Pretty funny actually. He seems like a thoughtful person. Then Sean takes a call from a Twitter follower, yawn. He's doing this more and more and it's just stupid.

Tom Leykis came on today and asked the audience to call and say yes or no to Tom talking about politics on the show. He got mostly yes responses. I think Tom intends to mix it up and was just putting his toe in the water to see what would happen. He wants to talk about everything and I love that. If Tom Leykis can come on and do serious topics he will frigging kill, and he will get bigger numbers just like he said. I'm telling you when word gets out that he is doing this high quality kind of show KFI and the others will be in deep shit. This is good stuff and it's compelling. Are you listening Robin?

Then I heard Hugh Hewitt on KRLA come on and start talking about the future of Radio with David Brooks the New York Times writer. I thought to myself...what the hell is Hugh reading my blog? He went on for an hour and into the next. Hugh thought that the writers at the New York Times should do a weekly videocast LOL. Holy shit is that a bad idea. Hugh said that the future of Talk Radio is interaction, guests and experts. Well isn't that insightful. I like Hugh but it's just not looking forward enough I don't think.

On TWIG (This Week in Google) Jeff Jarvis was doing the show from Korea via Skype. This guy travels so much it's unreal. The audio that I heard was crystal clear. They talked about Google buying Motorola and what they will do with it. They talked about a new Google DVR/cable box/cable modem/google stuff might be coming. And Google put up a Google Doodle for the birthday of Robert Moog. You can actually go to the page and program and play and record a Moog Synthesizer. Pretty freeking cool.

Here are a few books that I heard of this week. All these sound great and heard great interviews. 

I'm only one person I can't write about everything I've heard. Do you know how hard it is to take notes while your driving? ;) 

As my brother would say "Peace, Love, and Tesla!"

- JP

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