Thursday, May 24, 2012

Approaching the Demarcation of Summer

Late last night I listened to Marc Maron interview a good ol' southern boy named Killer Beaz, his real name is Truett S. Beasly, Jr. He has this very thick southern accent that is funny as hell. I have not heard Marc laugh this hard in any of his interviews. This guy is a really funny comedian and has been on the road and at it for years and years.

Marc: "what's the appeal of Nascar?"

Beaz: "Loud noises and wrecks"

Holy crap this is so funny. I wanted to find out who was sitting in for Sean Hannity today. I typed in the browser: it goes to C. Dvorak and Adam Curry's site. God that's hilarious.

Mark Simone sitting in for Sean Hannity. I think Mark is under appreciated. He's a great talk show host. He doesn't let the callers get away with any crap. He challenges them and is smart enough to come back with facts and logic. Where is Sean? Taking off early for the holiday no doubt. Orlando again with the wife and kids? I don't follow him that close anymore.

Tom Leykis is starting his Flash Friday show tomorrow with the hash tag on Twitter #TweetYourTeats. An extension of Flash Friday Tom wants to see people post photos. "Tities are legal last I looked" Tom says. Also other hash tags #flashfriday #leykis101. Tom has a new advertiser which I love Sticher Radio. I have the app on my phone and love it. So much good stuff. It's what I use to listen to Marc Maron.

Thursday on Hugh Hewitt it's always Mark Steyn. Some months ago Hugh would hit Mark over the head with this idea that he should be on Dancing with the Stars.  It was a funny segment that went on for a few weeks. I put up a facebook page to promote this idea. I heard one comment out of Hugh "The campaign for Mark to be on Dancing with the Stars has officially moved to facebook". Hugh never talked about it again and never talked to Mark about it again. I asked him in several messages why he dropped it and I got nothing. He was only talking about it on Twitter to begin with. I just say whatever. I thought it was a funny idea and I jumped in. Anyway Mark was talking to Hugh about his article on what he thinks of the John Edwards case. Great article. He's a brilliant guy. I read this great book years ago now but it's a classic.

I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.
- Rodney Dangerfield

- JP

Happy Memorial Day to all that have served our great country.

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