Wednesday, May 16, 2012

95 Miles to Go

In 2004 Ray Romano and Tom Caltabiano made a great film called "95 Miles To Go". An eight-day drive through the south on a stand-up comedy tour becomes more than he bargains for when longtime friend and opening act, Tom Caltabiano, brings a film student along to document their thousand-mile journey. Together, all three struggle with Ray's obsessions, phobias, and insecurities in this unscripted exploration of newfound fame. The DVD is coming out on May 22nd. You gotta hear the great interview Adam did on his show. It's a must hear. And I have seen this film and it's out of this world great.

I just saw this at 2:30am on

Dennis Miller to Perform with Adam Carolla in November. Nationally syndicated talk host Dennis Miller had comedian, TV star and podcaster Adam Carolla on his program yesterday (5/14) and the two announced they will perform live on stage together at the City National Grove in Anaheim on November 16. Miller tells Carolla, “You know what I think about the way your mind works – it’s genius.” In addition to his radio program, Dennis Miller has been doing live performances with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly on their “Bolder and Fresher Tour 2012.” The duo recently performed at New York City’s Town Hall.

I knew that Adam was doing a tour with Dennis Prager but I have not heard this. Like Adam says often "I'm open to anything". I think this is great. Adam is becoming a real force.

Later today I'll talk about Alec Baldwin and his NPR show (Alec calls it a podcast) called "Here's the thing". Very highly produced and pretty cool show. 

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