Thursday, May 31, 2012

Giving Government the Power Over the Big Gulp...Not!

I fire up the Tune In App on my phone to hear Tom Leykis and I hear music and talking in the background. I tweet to Tom that he has an open mic, I can hear him. He comes on at 3pm and says "One guy tweeted saying we had an open mic. I was doing an interview with someone". I thought that was pretty funny. Tom said today that he added some new piece of equipment that is now making the sound much louder on the stream. Sounds really good, you can tell he did something.

Big news day. Unfortunately the loathsome John Edwards got off today. That really pisses me off. I was listening to KNX News Radio "This is a special report.... the verdict..." the reporters cell phone went dead. Lots of shows talking about this today. Mark Levin said that he did nothing illegal and the prosecution made it complicated and the jury probably had no idea what to do.

Top of the news I heard Nancy Pelosi say she thinks that the Supreme Court will give a 6-3 for Obama Care in June. She was asked what she bases that on and she said "Because I know the Constitution". I almost peed myself laughing. You know what I know Nancy...your an idiot. And then the topper was Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg telling everyone no more Big Gulps. I have never heard so much outrage on radio. Almost every talk show that I scanned by was talking about it. The only person that thought it was a great idea was....Geraldo. What a shock. Geraldo also thinks the plastic bag ban in LA is great. He talked about boating and seeing all these bags in the water. That's littering you genius. Never once did he mention people littering as a problem. And he agrees with Bloomberg. Nice going KABC putting that dumb shit on. John Stossel was on and said "America is supposed to be about Liberty" Geraldo said "Slurpee's look poisonous". "What a world...what a world" - The Wicked Witch of the West

Larry Elder was talking about Bloomberg too and said "Does he know what a horses ass he sounds like?" Dennis Miller was beside himself and said "Right now we are just in loser-ville, I think Bloomberg is a demented little golem. They should make it so you have to be 5'7" to get on Manhattan Island, Bloomberg is 5'6" right?

We have got to just ignore these asswipes that want to ban stuff. All these local governments that do unreasonable things will just get it right in the face with screw you we are not doing it. We should be selling plastic bags on street corners and handing out Big Gulp cups. This goes even as far as raising taxes to a point where you just have to say no way. If enough people did this they wouldn't do crap like this. Revolt against these idiots. I will not be obeying these bans ever and I hope you don't either. The government is not there to tell us what to do, it's there for us to tell them what to do.

This is really good news. KIOI in San Francisco adds Frosty Stilwell To Mornings. He's a good guy and was on KFI for a while but was not a good fit. I wish him good luck.

And I saw this posted on facebook today:

Frazer Smith
In negociations w/ money peeps to buy a major L,A, radio station!

Frazer a long time radio fixture in LA, funny dude. I wonder what this means. Love to see him do something like a new FM Talk Station. "To Hip...Gotta Go!"

- JP

Fast Changes and Fried Chicken

You know I listened to Bill Carroll for about a year after he moved here from Canada. He did some good shows, especially with the Brian Stowe story. But he talks about stuff that I think is not worthy of air time, so I usually listen to Michael Medved and flip back and forth to Hannity. I pull my car out of the garage and KFI is already on because I had it on when I came home last night. Bill is saying that he is having a porn actor on. Their was a story about a porn film being made in the LA Colosseum and a person involved in that was going to be on the show. Not something I'm interested in at all. Tim Conway Jr also did some time on this until the Kings won game one of the finals Wednesday, then it turned into sports talk. Tim tried to use the word Congratulatory tonight and instead said Congrat-u-larry, ahh baboo. Then at the top of the hour news Aron bender said the word the correct way, strangely coincidental .

Caller to the Tom Leykis Show: "How are you Tom?"

Tom: "I just told 40 other people...I'm great"

Mike Gallagher who comes on KRLA at 6pm was pissed about food police like Michael Bloomberg. On the weekend he was in Savanna and went to Paula Deans' restaurant called "The Lady & Sons". What a cool website they have too: Mike was pissed because he feels people should not be told what to eat. He said that he had Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Banana puddin. He said it's probably the best food he has had in his life.

Rush said something that I have not heard that just hit me like a ton of bricks. "88 million Americans are out of work". I thought you have got to be kidding me. That's almost 1/3 of the country. This is really really scary. How can Obama be reelected with a number like that? Absolutely stunning and sad.

Did you know that Al Sharpton has a radio show? I heard this today and heard somebody play a clip. The sound quality was not great. When can we just stop paying attention to this asswipe? You couldn't pay me to listen to this crap ass show. This guy is a fraud and a liar. This guy never apologized for the complete fraud of Tawana Brawley.

From a post on "The explosive growth in listening to internet audio is attracting major attention from both local and national advertisers". I also heard today that Time Warner is going to try to get the FCC to let them broadcast cable TV on the internet. We are moving along here, things are changing fast.

- JP

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sliding Back into Town Rested

5 days away in Santa Barbara and now we are back. Didn't listen to much radio or online media. I did check out a few minutes of Tom Leykis on the really crappy Wi-Fi. In all three of the hotels we were at it was pretty crappy. It was really cool hearing a few minutes of Tom's Friday show. It hit me how great it is not to worry about going out of town and being out of range of a radio station. This will work anywhere, how cool. But the Wi-Fi sucked. The wired internet especially at the Double Tree was smoking fast. Listened to a little Conway on the ride home. He said a funny line talking about Tuna having elevated levels of radiation from the Fukushima Plant in Japan. He said "Looks like the Tuna industry just got Fukushima'd in the can"

Turned on Tom Leykis and he's talking about how he thinks Pinterest is crap and "things chicks hate". A replay of the first hour he was talking about smoking and grilling, love that. One amazing hour. Hope he does more of that. He's a real BBQ fanatic and obviously knows his stuff. But that's just Tom, he never does stuff half way.

The radio star alive and well: Q&A with Tom Leykis:

"Harry Bush...I did a morning show with Harry Bush in Albany New York" - Tom Leykis

I got 85 emails that I am just now looking at. Here are some interesting news items.

Wow Tony is a facebook friend and a cool dude.
KFI, Los Angeles Engineer Tony Dinkel Exits as Position Eliminated.  He was just a day shy of his 29th anniversary at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s KFI, Los Angeles when he was notified his position as transmitter site broadcast engineer was being eliminated, but Tony Dinkel has nothing but fond memories of his time with the station.  The 57-year-old engineer tells the Orange County Register’s Gary Lycan he’ll always remember all the great people he worked with at the station.  Dinkel also served as the remote engineer and station staffers praised Dinkel’s ability to get remote broadcasts off without a hitch.
Here is the OC Register Story on Tony: ‘Go-to guy' at KFI Is gone; Tony Dinkel relives memories:

KDOC-TV/LOS ANGELES has named radio icon CHARLIE TUNA as the voice of the station. TUNA has worked as morning drive personality for more stations and formats than anyone in LOS ANGELES radio history -- Top 40, AC, Hot AC, Oldies, Talk, Sports Talk

Doug McIntyre's Daily News column: No more cheers left after years of letdowns.

Mark Davis who sits in for Rush often is Back to Talk Host Duties in Big D on Salem’s KSKY.  Longtime Dallas media personality Mark Davis returns to the radio in the market on Salem Communications’ KSKY in the 7:00 am to 10:00 am time slot.  Davis, a Dallas Morning News columnist and television political commentator, exited Cumulus Media’s crosstown WBAP after 18 years in April when the two sides could not agree to a contract extension.

- JP

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Approaching the Demarcation of Summer

Late last night I listened to Marc Maron interview a good ol' southern boy named Killer Beaz, his real name is Truett S. Beasly, Jr. He has this very thick southern accent that is funny as hell. I have not heard Marc laugh this hard in any of his interviews. This guy is a really funny comedian and has been on the road and at it for years and years.

Marc: "what's the appeal of Nascar?"

Beaz: "Loud noises and wrecks"

Holy crap this is so funny. I wanted to find out who was sitting in for Sean Hannity today. I typed in the browser: it goes to C. Dvorak and Adam Curry's site. God that's hilarious.

Mark Simone sitting in for Sean Hannity. I think Mark is under appreciated. He's a great talk show host. He doesn't let the callers get away with any crap. He challenges them and is smart enough to come back with facts and logic. Where is Sean? Taking off early for the holiday no doubt. Orlando again with the wife and kids? I don't follow him that close anymore.

Tom Leykis is starting his Flash Friday show tomorrow with the hash tag on Twitter #TweetYourTeats. An extension of Flash Friday Tom wants to see people post photos. "Tities are legal last I looked" Tom says. Also other hash tags #flashfriday #leykis101. Tom has a new advertiser which I love Sticher Radio. I have the app on my phone and love it. So much good stuff. It's what I use to listen to Marc Maron.

Thursday on Hugh Hewitt it's always Mark Steyn. Some months ago Hugh would hit Mark over the head with this idea that he should be on Dancing with the Stars.  It was a funny segment that went on for a few weeks. I put up a facebook page to promote this idea. I heard one comment out of Hugh "The campaign for Mark to be on Dancing with the Stars has officially moved to facebook". Hugh never talked about it again and never talked to Mark about it again. I asked him in several messages why he dropped it and I got nothing. He was only talking about it on Twitter to begin with. I just say whatever. I thought it was a funny idea and I jumped in. Anyway Mark was talking to Hugh about his article on what he thinks of the John Edwards case. Great article. He's a brilliant guy. I read this great book years ago now but it's a classic.

I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.
- Rodney Dangerfield

- JP

Happy Memorial Day to all that have served our great country.

Cashews Steamrolled The Moog

Right before 10 O'clock Wednesday night on my drive home I heard Tim Conway Jr. say the words "Kim Kardashian" and then the radio went silent.......that's when I turned it off. I don't know when Tim will give up this fool hardy attempt to try to get young listeners (females) to turn on KFI. Nobody....nobody under 25 that loves the Kardashians is turning on KFI. Soon as they hear it's on AM Radio they scrunch their face, it's like black and white tv. I can only take so much BS and being a loyal listener for so many years I feel abused, ahhh baboo. No guy with any cashews wants to hear that shit. Buy a clue...and install it. Tim did say something very funny in the short time I listened:

KFI's Aron Bender: "A juror in the John Edward's trial was not present for deliberations because they had to take care of some personal business".

Tim Conway Jr.: "What was his name?....Brian Whitman?"

I heard Sean Hannity talking to Penn Jillette today. They were discussing Penn's wanting drugs to be legal for all kinds of reasons. Penn is such a big guy and a big personality that even Sean could not help but get steamrolled. Penn just keeps talking and will not be interrupted. Pretty funny actually. He seems like a thoughtful person. Then Sean takes a call from a Twitter follower, yawn. He's doing this more and more and it's just stupid.

Tom Leykis came on today and asked the audience to call and say yes or no to Tom talking about politics on the show. He got mostly yes responses. I think Tom intends to mix it up and was just putting his toe in the water to see what would happen. He wants to talk about everything and I love that. If Tom Leykis can come on and do serious topics he will frigging kill, and he will get bigger numbers just like he said. I'm telling you when word gets out that he is doing this high quality kind of show KFI and the others will be in deep shit. This is good stuff and it's compelling. Are you listening Robin?

Then I heard Hugh Hewitt on KRLA come on and start talking about the future of Radio with David Brooks the New York Times writer. I thought to myself...what the hell is Hugh reading my blog? He went on for an hour and into the next. Hugh thought that the writers at the New York Times should do a weekly videocast LOL. Holy shit is that a bad idea. Hugh said that the future of Talk Radio is interaction, guests and experts. Well isn't that insightful. I like Hugh but it's just not looking forward enough I don't think.

On TWIG (This Week in Google) Jeff Jarvis was doing the show from Korea via Skype. This guy travels so much it's unreal. The audio that I heard was crystal clear. They talked about Google buying Motorola and what they will do with it. They talked about a new Google DVR/cable box/cable modem/google stuff might be coming. And Google put up a Google Doodle for the birthday of Robert Moog. You can actually go to the page and program and play and record a Moog Synthesizer. Pretty freeking cool.

Here are a few books that I heard of this week. All these sound great and heard great interviews. 

I'm only one person I can't write about everything I've heard. Do you know how hard it is to take notes while your driving? ;) 

As my brother would say "Peace, Love, and Tesla!"

- JP

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Leykis Experiment and Moving to the Future of Radio

I don't know where to start with this, I'm so blown away by this show Tuesday. It may be the most important show Tom has ever done. Tom literally went 4 hours and talked about "What is Radio?" "What will happen to Radio?"  "What am I trying to do with this experiment?" Also later in the show he talks about "A bigger picture, we are changing very subtlety toward smaller communities, the like button, Yelp, reviews"

Future of Radio in cars

I usually plan my route so that I will be in an area where my phone has four bars so I can be sure to hear the opening of The Tom Leykis Show. Tom came on today and was talking about answering interview questions that will be put into some online or print publication. He did not mention who this was. The questions and Tom's answers are listed on Tom's facebook page: The post starts with: Please give me your reaction to this interview I just gave.
Here are some of the questions:
***What has it been like going from hosting a radio show on FM radio to online? Has there been a transition involved?
**Do you miss being on FM radio? Why or why not?
**What are the benefits to being on online radio? The benefits of terrestrial?
It is so amazing what Tom wrote. He said he took a lot of time and put a lot of thought into the answers. I urge you to check it out. This is one smart dude. Some people think he's that guy that just does Tits and Ass radio and hates women, you are just not paying attention, trust me. I think Tom is changing his whole approach and boy did he explain just about everything he's thinking about, his goal with this new company, what he thinks about corporate America and where the Radio business is going and where our culture is going.

Toward the end of the first hour Tom told an incredible story about how he was trying to lease the space he did his 97.1 The FM Talk Station show in for this new show. He said that they knew all these great people on the lot and just enjoyed working there, so he tried to get the studio back. This was a leaky basement studio in the Mae West building at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. You have to hear this. Tom and the boys actually went back to look at the space after 3 years and it looked the same. After negotiations with Paramount, Tom said no because of restrictions on his speech and mentioning Paramount on the show.

Then! Tom tells a story about a local LA Talk station (Tom called it, not one of the highest rated stations). He gets a call from someone (I think it's his old buddy Jack Silver, the PD of KLSX, who is now at KABC radio, I could be wrong) asking him if he would like to do a fill in show for someone going on vacation at.....3pm! He said no. Can you even imagine Tom Leykis sitting in for Larry Elder LOL oh my god! "Talk Radio 790...K...ABC, The Larry Elder Show...My name is Tom Leykis sitting in for the Sage" Holy shit that would be hilarious. 

So at the half way point Tom starts to talk about big name brands and big companies and how he thinks things are changing to smaller communities and small businesses. He urged the listeners to support local and small businesses and not to "Like" big companies on facebook. 

This show takes you to the full thesis that Tom has in his head and is living. It's one amazing day and not to be missed. Tom says the people that miss this show will regret it. It will be repeated over and over till 3pm Wednesday then the new show comes on. Go to or to hear the podcast go to

Can't wait to see what Tom has to say tomorrow, it will surely be simulating. This is...The New Normal.

- JP

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iran, IPO's, George Jetson, and the Dictator!

I was listening to Dennis Prager this Monday morning and he said that this is a very important day. Iran is seeking atomic weapons to destroy Israel and world powers should not make any concessions over its nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday. Dennis commented that they are telling us they are going to do it. Do we have a moral imperative to stop them before they do it? I think this has been in the works for a long time. I think these crazy mullah's are hell bent on this. I hope to god the youth in Iran stand up and stop these people or their is a very bad day coming. Here is a article from the Miami Herald:  Israeli premier says Iran wants to destroy Israel.

Tom Leykis came on today and said that he might have come in on the weekend to do a show if it wasn't for all the playoff games because this story about Mark Zuckerberg is just unbelievable. The facebook IPO happens then Zuckerberg gets married the next day. Tom had on two lawyers including Debbie Schlussel who is on TV and Radio all the time. A favorite of Howard Stern. Nobody really knows why Zuckerberg did this but these lawyers say he must have had a prenup and planned this on purpose. It's possible that doing the IPO could demarcate what Zuckerberg owns before he's married. We will have to find out the truth at a later date.

Tom did his Money Monday topic and said don't ever lease a car, it's the biggest rip off in the world.

Hugh Hewitt was blown away by Obama's answer about the Euro and the debt crisis in Europe. He said that Obama is so far over his head, and he's just blah blah blah. He said it's like a bad High School debate answer.

Robert Scoble

I was listening to the interminably long TWIT (This Week in Tech) with Leo Laporte that went on for over two hours. Leo invites tech guru Robert Scoble on and then interrupts him constantly. I don't know why he has him on at all if he doesn't want him to talk. Maybe he thinks he talks to much. I can't stand that really loud laugh of Roberts but he's fairly coherent. Robert has a sort of reputation for being way geeky and a little socially off. MTV's Adam Curry was also on and him and Robert got into it. Adam did a lot of promos for his show with John C. Dvork "No Agenda" Over all not a great show. Lot of repetition. With all the traveling the Leo does, which is a lot, he has a trip planned to go to Australia...again, he just got back from Norway. I'm not listening to shows with substitute hosts Leo! Consistency my brother.

On KFI tonight Tim Conway Jr doing a commercial for a new sponsor Gravity Defyer Shoes. I think Tim just made this up on the fly (sounds like he's just phoning it in most nights) "Gravity Defyer's like the George Jetson of shoes...yaaaaaa". Oy Vey. It doesn't even make sense Tim. A lot of stuff that Tim says doesn't make sense, and I think he knows it and he doesn't give a crap.

Larry O'Connor

Dennis Miller came on the air with a blown out voice (from air travel) and a blown out phone board. He had on Larry O'Connor:  Editor-in-Chief of and contributor to Big Hollywood, Big Government and Big Journalism. I like this guy a lot. He has a great voice and is really bright and is funny as hell. He made Dennis laugh...hard. I hope to hear him more often.

I heard half of a pretty good interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross with Sasha Baron Cohen about his new movie the Dictator. I have never heard him interviewed, worth a listen for sure.

This might be a light week, it sure was today. The Memorial Day holiday is this weekend and I think a lot of people are going to be off the grid for the next week and a half, we shall see.

 - JP

Read more here:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

At the End of the Week I'm Sideways

Music that makes you feel good instantly. This was part of Tim Conway Jr's choice for something to do on the air tonight. Tim was playing Disney music. It's a talk station Tim. At least Steckler was there. Other than that we have drops being repeated over and over and Tim yelling into the mic. Show prep Tim? Might want to give that a try. The show is so hard to listen to, it's painful. And...Tim couldn't care less what I think hahaha.

Tom Leykis had phone problems today so he brought in Gary and Dino and Art and they talked for three hours. Tom told some great old stories about crank calling shows. He called Larry King and Ira Fistel back in the day. Listen to the second hour from today, it's worth it. In Tom's first hour he had in studio Rex Pickett, he wrote the book "Sideways" that was made in to that great movie. He was talking about a possible sequel and maybe even a third one that takes place in the Chile wine country. The story has been brought to the stage in Santa Monica. It's only $25 and includes a Pinot Noir tasting before the show.

"He was born 50 wasn't he? - Hannity speaking of Mark Levin

Mike Noland, KFI in the Sky was in his plane today and on the air. He has only done this occasionally in the last few years, he's usually in a studio doing his traffic reports. Because of a weekend of pure hell traffic here in LA is probably the reason. Mike is an LA icon.

From earlier in the week I saw this.

Johnny Carson Gets The 'Masters' Treatment

One of the best interviews this week was on Dennis Prager's Show. It was with Arthur Brooks. From Wikipedia:  American social scientist and musician. He is the president of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. Brooks is best known for his work on the junctions between culture, economics, and politics. Two of his popular volumes, Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism and Gross National Happiness: Why Happiness Matters for America—and How We Can Get More of It, explore these themes in greater depth. He is a self-described independent. His great new book.

A great show that I have not talked about yet is called "No Agenda" with Adam Curry (from MTV fame) and long time tech columnist John C. Dvorak. These two talk about politics and how screwed up everything is. It's a very funny show that has great info in it too. John is friends with Leo Laporte and is frequently on Leo's Sunday show "This Week in Tech". Their are 2 No Agenda's a week, Sunday and Thursday.

Paula Poundstone will be on the Marc Maron Podcast on Monday. 

- JP

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chock Full of Nuts

First things first. I drive home at around 9:30 Thursday night from the job and I heard Tim Conway say that LA's Best Newsman, KFI's Aron Bender is going to be a father. Just a big shout out to Aron and his beautiful wife Len. You guys will be great parents.

Whitley Strieber long time guest on Coast to Coast AM just said that he talked to Jackie Gleasons' wife and she told him that Nixon took Gleason to an Air Force hanger and showed him alien space craft. Never heard that before.

The usual on Thursdays is TWIG (This Week in Google) with Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis and Leo Laporte. Jeff was sitting outside with a background of the Sidney Harbor down under. I only listen to the audio but this might be a good one to go to and watch the video that is available for free. I love this show and this group is really great together. Former Google employee Kevin Marks was also on, he's really bright and a Brit. Kevins podcast Tummelvision is a weekly salon-style podcast on how to live in a networked world: covered the facebook IPO and talked about the new version of Android, which will be called Jelly Bean. Google is adding more stuff to search called "Knowledge Graph" sort of like Wikipedia. Read this to find out more. It's rolling out slowly so you may not get it today but soon.

Leykis was in a silly mood. He posted on facebook with no explanation the very disturbing photo of that poor woman that was attacked by a chimp and had her face mutilated. Tom was laughing at the comments of outraged people. Tom admits to be a shit stirrer. Gary the producer said he knows a guy that bought the Sketcher Shape Up shoes (that has been in the news) He said that this guy had no idea they were for chicks to tone their ass. He said it took a week for him to stop laughing. Tom also took a call from some Russian guy that went on and on. Art running the board kept playing this drop of the fast forward sound on a Tivo. It was hilarious.

John and Ken talked about Jeff Conaway from Taxi. His wife told the Enquirer that he knew John Travolta and woke up one morning and he was pleasuring him. Jeff never talked to him again. And now Gloria Allred is involved, oy vey. If all this is really true about Travolta I'm gonna be really pissed. He's done so many great movies that I won't want to ever watch again.

I flipped over to Mike Gallagher on 870 KRLA at 6pm. He's in New York this week and told a story about going to the old school steak house in Brooklyn called Peter Lugar. Looking at the website it's says they have been in business for 125 years. Mike raved about this place and said he and 6 other people loved it. He said "That bill must have been just huge"

On Adam Carolla a very interesting interview with someone I have never heard of. A former CIA Agent Buck Sexton, he wrote a book about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Just a very articulate guy and a great great interview. He's not for or a part of the Occupy movement, just a very objective observer. One other thing, Adam's son Sonny was recorded saying "It's just a waste of my time". This has become the secret handshake for show fans. Heard on someone's phone in a bar. It's available as a ring tone now.

I was listening to Doug McIntyre on KABC on demand last night and he had a comment about Wednesday. "We made it to hump day, we have a lot of humping to do before we get though this". And Teri-Rae Elmer did her famous "Ewwwww!" I haven't heard that since she left KFI!

- JP

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tom's not having a good day.

Tom Leykis came on at 4 o'clock and was not happy. "I'm not having a good day". A caller asked Dino the call screener when Tom was going back on the radio. This guy that called was listening online to the show because he got the number to call. Tom was livid. "I come in here in a good mood and some mother fucker calls here and asks when I'm going to be back on the radio, I'm like a powder keg, what do you think I've been doing working my ass off for three years to build?, do you think my show on the radio would be better than what we can do here?, what we are doing here is not radio". Tom also talked about the Grove and boxer Manny Pacquiao as well as Hugh Hewitt and Larry Elder. Here is a blog post by Tom: 

The Tom Leykis Show on 24/7 at

Here is a turn the dial 8:03PM I turned on KFI for about 5 seconds and Tim Conway Jr. and Aron Bender were singing the Riverside Metro Auto Group commercial jingle. Violating once again the "No singing in Talk Radio" Rule.

Dennis Miller tonight said that CNN's host "Ashleigh Banfield is the stupidest person on TV"

Mark Levin went on a funny rant playing clips of VP Biden yelling into the mic in Ohio and telling everyone that jobs are coming back. He sounded so stupid. I don't understand why Obama doesn't kick him to the curb. This video is a total embarrassment. 

One of the last independently owned and operated major market radio frequencies, 101.7 FM in Boston, currently known as WFNX (Alternative Boston), has been sold by the Phoenix Media-Communications Group to Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

Sean Hannity had new audio of Reverend Wright saying all the things we already knew. Really telling. Sean is going nuts on Twitter these days. People are even calling into the show. @seanhannity

A couple things I checked out last night were incredible. The Ray Ramano interview with Adam Carolla, just awesome. And then I listened to this. Alec Baldwin has a podcast on NPR called "Here's the Thing". Very highly produced and just incredible. What ever you think of Baldwin he's got a great voice and knows how to talk and interview. I listened to him interview Robert Osborn from Turner Classic Movies and it's a must hear. Other interviews on the website include Kristen Wig, Kathleen Turner, Dick Cavett, Herb Alpert. 

- JP

95 Miles to Go

In 2004 Ray Romano and Tom Caltabiano made a great film called "95 Miles To Go". An eight-day drive through the south on a stand-up comedy tour becomes more than he bargains for when longtime friend and opening act, Tom Caltabiano, brings a film student along to document their thousand-mile journey. Together, all three struggle with Ray's obsessions, phobias, and insecurities in this unscripted exploration of newfound fame. The DVD is coming out on May 22nd. You gotta hear the great interview Adam did on his show. It's a must hear. And I have seen this film and it's out of this world great.

I just saw this at 2:30am on

Dennis Miller to Perform with Adam Carolla in November. Nationally syndicated talk host Dennis Miller had comedian, TV star and podcaster Adam Carolla on his program yesterday (5/14) and the two announced they will perform live on stage together at the City National Grove in Anaheim on November 16. Miller tells Carolla, “You know what I think about the way your mind works – it’s genius.” In addition to his radio program, Dennis Miller has been doing live performances with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly on their “Bolder and Fresher Tour 2012.” The duo recently performed at New York City’s Town Hall.

I knew that Adam was doing a tour with Dennis Prager but I have not heard this. Like Adam says often "I'm open to anything". I think this is great. Adam is becoming a real force.

Later today I'll talk about Alec Baldwin and his NPR show (Alec calls it a podcast) called "Here's the thing". Very highly produced and pretty cool show. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Power to Crash a Website, Matthew's Bombs

I got up today and turned on Rush. He was talking about his favorite specialty meat company, Allen Brothers. I went to the website and it had crashed. I think a few people listen to Rush. This is an amazing website. Although very expensive. 8 very nice steaks for $180. A little steep for me.

Michael Medved was talking about this ridiculous story in Ohio where private donors are paying kids $25 a week to go to school if they behave. Michael was all in favor of this and called it "Beautiful". It's frigging stupid. Paying kids to come to school? Really? Shouldn't they be going to school and behaving themselves as part of their own personal responsibility? That's like if I don't go 90 on the freeway for a month, I should demand $100. Please! Here is the story:

Today I listened to Adam Carolla's interview with Time Magazine writer Joel Stein. Joel actually wrote something about the Toto Memorial that I had a part in last year. You can find the article he wrote on Toto's facebook page:

And in the past few days late at night I listened to Adam interview Warren Littlefield. He was a very big deal at NBC for years. Really interesting interview. Here is info from Wikipedia:

A protégé of Brandon Tartikoff, Littlefield developed Cheers, The Cosby Show, and The Golden Girls as senior and executive vice president of NBC Entertainment under Tartikoff. During his time as president of NBC, Littlefield created hit shows for the network throughout the 1990s such as Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Wings, Blossom, Law & Order, Mad About You, Sisters, Frasier, Friends, ER, Homicide: Life on the Street, Caroline in the City, NewsRadio, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Suddenly Susan, Just Shoot Me!, Will & Grace and The West Wing.

Larry Elder did a very funny segment where he played a phone call with Chris Mathews talking about his book from a year ago or so. It was a yelling match. Then Larry played the audio from Celebrity Jeopardy where Chris Matthews loses badly and can't answer almost any of the questions correctly.

Big Shout Out to a facebook friend Adam for giving me his list of podcasts he listens to regularly. I have about 13 shows to go check out. Love when that happens.

- JP

Young Listeners Turn Off Broadcast, Tune Into Internet Radio [STUDY]

(Posted by Tom Leykis on Twitter) @tomleykis
What did we tell you? Youth to Radio: DROP DEAD #Leykis #internetradio

- JP

Lots O' Entertainment For a Monday

Monday I woke up to a very underrated talk show host, Mark Davis on WBAP in Dallas Fort Worth. He also writes a popular column in The Dallas Morning News. He sits in for Rush often and is very sharp. Rush was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians today with a statue.

I was listening to TWIT (this week in tech) as I usually do on Mondays. I always love hearing the negative rants of John C Dvorak. On the show today they mentioned the huge public offering for stock from facebook. This happens on Friday. Mark Zuckerberg will have a very good week. Interesting story they also talked about was this thing called "Pebble Smartwatch" This particular smartwatch has captured the public's attention to the tune of $10 million in Kickstarter funding, making it the most-financed project in Kickstarter history. This Kickstarter is a new way to finance projects. Go check out the website, it's very interesting. The record for financing before this project was 3.3 million. facebook mobile has more people using it than now, that's big news. They have to find new ways to monetize the mobile app. 

Hugh Hewitt was talking today about how he joined Pinterest. He was very enthusiastic about Twitter and now he's talking this up. I love Pinterest. If you haven't seen it go check it out. I have some invites if you email me I'll send you one 

Larry Elder was talking to someone about Mitt Romney being in a bad car accident in France in the late 60's. He broke his arm and the woman sitting next to him died. It was not his fault. Check out this article. I never heard this story before.

Tom Leykis did a great hour on his Android cell phone. He's pissed that there are App's on his phone that he can't delete. It was an hour of geek calls. At 3 o'clock he did an hour on gay marriage. I was gonna turn it off but once again Tom made it interesting. He was saying he doesn't care who gets married but just don't do it. A caller said if gay people get divorced does that mean there will be something called Gay-Penis-Amony? Tom calls Alimony, Vagina-mony. Tom also asked the audience, if you are on facebook do not poke me, why are people doing this?

And then at 7 I turned on Tim Conway Jr. It's like a bad car accident, I just have to see how bad it's gonna be. Tim did not disappoint. He comes on and says we are gonna play a game "did you have a brush with a celebrity this weekend?". Aron Bender and the new Producer Misty and Tim tell a story about how they had a brush with a celebrity and then you get to guess who's lying. They went though each story and then it got the buzzer. Tim says "who had a brush with a celebrity......buzzer! nobody!" Gee thanks Tim that's 15 minutes I'll never get back. The remainder of the hour was listening to clips with Matt Lauer interviewing homeless guy Ted Williams. This is one of Tim's bits that has been run into the ground so far it's disappeared. If I hear "you know you love it" one more time I'm gonna put an ice pick in my ear. Also all the yelling into the mic, ahh baboo. What happened Tim? I love the interaction with Aron Bender and Angel Martinez but it's like radio for 8th graders. 

- JP