Thursday, September 11, 2014

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight - Phyllis Diller

[COMMENT]Well I think this may be my last post for a while or forever. I'm getting stats for this site emailed to me from Google Analytics that is accurate from what I read, and the stats from my actual blog site are not accurate. which is a Google owned site tells me that last month I had over 3800 hits. Google Analytics is telling me 126. I have been writing this blog for over 2 years, with almost 190 posts. It's a lot of work. I do enjoy doing it, but it's just not worth my time if that is indeed the true number. There is a blog post listed below that explains Blogger Stats versus Google Analytics if someone in the 126 people that have read my blog last month would like to read it. It's pretty disappointing to find out this information. The amount of time spent on my site by a reader is laughable haha, oh man 17 seconds. Anyway it's been fun.

There is this fascination the media has with athletes and sports. I'm all for hearing a report on this football player that hit this woman unconsciousness. It's a horrible story. Now he's out of the NFL and in big trouble. Ok good. Now I'm done. But for some reason just like the Sterling thing, media, and in the case of radio, talk radio, runs with it like it's the huge story of the week, the story for next week and the week after that. It's not. Don't people that listen to sports talk radio want to hear about this all day for a week or a month? I don't. It's football, it's a game. It's a business. It's a distraction. It doesn't have a wit of meaning except for entertainment. Am I alone here? It's not an American getting his head cut off. It's not a thousand Americans on the ground in Iraq. It's not 93 million Americans not working. It's not 50 million people getting food stamps. Talk Radio and the media really needs to pull it's head out and wake up. And I'm amazed, it's every show talking about this. Are there people out there besides me turning off the radio? I hope there is because this is not why I listen to talk radio.

Here is another waste of my ear hole time. I was listening to many different stations and they all spent time this week reporting that Arnold had his portrait unveiled in Sacramento. Who gives a rats ass? It really nauseates me that the media treats this guy like he did a great job as governor. I don't want to hear this crap, anybody home? Did you forget that Arnold gave clemency to Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunezs' son for being involved in the murder of Luis Santos on the San Diego State University campus? Or maybe you forgot that he impregnated his maid who had his son and his wife divorced him! If Talk Radio is gonna stay around or "be cool again" which I seriously doubt will happen, you gotta stop this.

The email I sent to posted on Wednesday, thank you Mr. Barrett.

Tim Conway, Jr. Voted #3 Best On-Air LARP of 2014
Congrats to Conway who plays lots of drops, clips, makes funny noises with his mouth, sings with Aron Bender nightly, plays clips of people making noises and saying funny things over and over and over, yells into the mic often and meanders his way though every night with apparently no plan. I would even go as far to say it's not a radio show.

*On Wednesday morning doing traffic was LA Radio veteran Rhonda Kramer. Just off the flip of format at KFWB. Doug McIntyre made a point of saying hello.

[RADIO]From the OC Weekly
Phil Hendrie's Cult Status in Radio Continues on Stage
Though he quit terrestrial radio in 2013, Hendrie remains a cult figure behind the mic. Hendrie took time to speak with the Weekly about his newly formatted Podcast, the nature of his comedy bits, the origins of his character voices, his love for heavy metal and hip-hop music, and his one-man show comedy act, coming to the Irvine Improv on September 11.

Fred Roggin Joins 'The Beast'/Los Angeles
You know, I don't listen to Sports Talk Radio, but this is a very good choice they made, Fred is great and very smart, bravo.

KSFO/San Francisco Brings Back Rush, Glenn & Sean
I didn't hear anyone talk about this. I bet there are a lot of people that just hate this soo much.

From NPR's Fresh Air (9 minutes)
3 Roosevelts Come Alive In PBS Documentary, Ken Burns' Best Yet

From 89.3 KPCC show Offramp
LA historian discovers treasure trove of historic photos, now online

[SIRIUSXM]SiriusXM to Launch Barbra Streisand Channel

[QUOTE]"this is Ann's last day, she is the consummate professional" 
- Doug Limerick ABC Radio news, comment on Ann Compton.

[STREAMING]The hidden commands for diagnosing and improving your Netflix streaming quality

Fox Launches Live Mobile Streaming Service for FNC, FBN.....with your log in from your cable company...booo.

Major App Developers Sign On To Build Connected Car Apps Through AT&T Drive


[PODCASTS]On Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast......Comedian David Steinberg.

Adam Carolla Settles Lawsuit Over Popular Podcast Business in Midst of Trial
Some news reports that Carolla's podcast business didn't make much money, the plaintiff asserted that it raked in $14 million.

Podcast One to syndicate services to radio.
Podcast One CEO Norm Pattiz is taking his evangelizing of on-demand audio to the local level. Speaking in Indianapolis yesterday, Pattiz said his company plans to begin working with local radio stations to create podcasts of their shows.

Dennis Miller to Comedian Louie Anderson.


[LA PHOTO]Carmageddon! Los Angeles, ca. 2011.
A very empty interstate 405 @ sunset blvd, closed for 56 hours due to construction on the mulholland bridge.


[TECH]This week I made the big leap and bought an SSD drive for my home computer. I installed it myself after reading a lot about how to do it. I bought the best reviewed drive, Samsung. It was only $118 for a 129GB drive at Fry's. But it was tricky. Physically installing it was the easy part, then the software part. I had to copy my hard drive to the SSD and then boot from the new SSD. Turns out the hard drive needed to be unplugged and then the SSD booted with Windows. After I enter my password the screen flashes with the Windows desktop and you can literally click and load the web browser and load as many pages as you want instantly. The only speed barrier is the internet connection. This is the wave of the future. In my opinion hard drives will go away altogether. An absolutely amazing push into the future, affordable and easy.

GM to Introduce Hands-Free Driving in Cadillac Model
2017 caddicac photo

TiVo Mega Features 24TB of Storage, Can Record Three Years* Worth of TV Content

Oh yea one more thing, Apple announced something this week, I forgot what it was, sorry.

[ON THIS DAY]1935 - "Popeye" was heard on NBC radio for the first time.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Deep Dish stuff
Radio Prepares for War, Part 1
In 1932, General Electric was contracted by the Civil Aeronautics Authority (predecessor to the FAA) to design and build a system using short wave radio to communicate with aircraft as the need arose from the growing airlines industry.
The engineers nicknamed it the "HRO," which stood for "Hell of a Rush Order." The name stuck. The National HRO receiver met the deadline, and outperformed the competition.

[PARTING SHOT]Never Forget.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Elizabeth Taylor has more chins than the Chinese telephone directory - Joan Rivers

[COMMENT]New ratings came out and they look slightly different. Not really, just a little movement. KFI is crowing about moving up about 4 slots no doubt. I'm sure they are thrilled they moved Rush. Congrats to KRLA for still coming in 39th...again, oh brother. Just give Ben Shapiro the morning slot, you know it will bring your ratings up, you know it will. Listening to three people in a contest to see who can talk the most is annoying. And I would suggest KABC pull their head out and spend some money on ads and get McIntyre a TV hit or something. He's doing a pretty good show over there, how about telling the public? KFI is doing the best still for some unknown reason. After kicking Lisa Ann Walter to the curb they are still running ads she did before she left, weird. It's funny, according to the ratings, the same amount of people are listening to KABC and Rush on KIEB as are the Jazz station at Cal State Long Beach, what's wrong with this picture? I think marketing is the big problem. I was talking to my neighbor on the weekend. I was having a little garage sale and I gave her a KFI coffee mug. She was telling me that she listens to Bill Handel and has for years. I asked her if she has ever heard of Dennis Prager or Doug McIntyre. She had no idea what I was talking about. It's amazing to me that someone like this, just out of curiosity hasn't moved the dial up two inches. I don't think I know anyone where I work that really listens to AM and only a couple people at client sites that listen. It's a small bunch. Why? 

This week turned out to be more vacation for Rush and Hugh Hewitt is in Montana. He just came back from a two week cruise for gods sake. Everyone is no doubt going to go all out from now till the election. I personally don't have high hopes, I'm not feeling any kind of buzz. I think it's gonna be ugly and surprising. Get ready for an......October surprise. 

[RADIO]From Inside Radio
Joan Rivers ‘loved radio’ for its freedom.
She may be best remembered as the first permanent guest host for NBC-TV’s “The Tonight Show,” but acerbic comedian Joan Rivers also spent time on radio. In March 1997 she launched the nightly 7-9pm show on WOR Radio Networks from its New York flagship WOR (710) and continued to host the program until 2002.

“I have always loved radio,” Rivers said at the time. “It is the only place left where you can say what you really think, unabridged and unedited.” While it was her most recent radio program, Rivers had actually worked as a guest at WOR for much of the 1990s.

Oh my god the LA Times wrote an article about AM radio!
KFWB switching to all-sports format as AM radio fights for survival

Radio Station signs deal with traffic app Waze. Wave of the future?

Paul Shaffer On Life After David Letterman
on radio stations across the country.

KFI ekko stamp
Ekko stamps were sent out by radio stations in the 1920's to confirm reception reports, along with a QSL card. Radio listeners collected the stamps from the radio stations they heard. This stamp was issued by KFI, Los Angeles. Maybe this is where they got the orange for there current logo.

Clingy the New Orleans Iguana Loves to Listen to the Radio

From Radio Ink
In its latest State of the Media: Audio Today report, Nielsen says 244 million people - or nine out of every ten Americans 12+ - listen to radio. And, at any given time during a week, 181 million people are reached by network radio every week. The latest report states that network radio attracts a diverse crowd every week: Millennials (70%), Generation X (72%), Boomers (70%), Hispanics (62%) and African Americans (74%). 74% are full-time workers, 69% make over $75K and 66% are college graduates.

[SIRIUSXM]'Piolin' Spanish-language radio show on SiriusXM is canceled

I dodged a bullet. Boy I'm glad I just canceled my subscription. 
SiriusXM to Broadcast ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

[QUOTE]Is Obama formulating a plan? It depends on what the meaning of the word ISIS - Ben Shapiro

[STREAMING]I wanted to relay something amazing. I saw a tweet this week from Dennis Prager that he was going to giving a speech at Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills and that it was going to be streamed on their website. I was just in time so I went over there and loaded it up. And to my surprise it was crystal clear, I went full screen with it and it looked amazing. It never buffered once or had any kind of hiccup. This church has obviously spend a ton of money on their streaming video. They even were doing fades and transitions. 1080P HD video from a stream from a local church. I think we have reached a milestone for bandwidth and quality of streaming. It's a wonderful speech, check it out.

Streaming catches up with linear TV consumption while viewers seek more ad-free environments, study finds

Music Streaming Is Booming, and That’s a Problem for Music Sales
It took a long time to get going, but streaming music is finally mainstream. It’s a business, too, generating more than $1 billion a year.

Coming Soon: What’s Streaming New On Netflix For September 2014


[PODCASTS]From the Huffing and Puffington Post
by Dan Persons
Richard Lewis Talks Richard Lewis: Bundle of Nerves: Mighty Movie Podcast

I have never heard of this podcast but I'm a fan of Richard. He talks about his films and about being huge fan of Buster Keaton and about knowing his widow. This is Richard speaking normally, not doing a bit. After 20 years sober and now 67 he sounds pretty good. Robin Williams called him the Rabbi. He talks free form and is very articulate. 

"When can my therapist hear this interview?" - Richard Lewis

The Wall Street Journal - September 2, 2014
Richard Lewis on what's so funny about growing up in Jersey
The comedian recalls his 'lovingly dysfunctional' family

and........he's on with Adam Carolla this week. Must have a good press agent.

Book Review: “Talk: A Novel” by Michael Smerconish rips the scab off talk radio

[BUMPER STICKER]A Canadian Army crewman stands inside a CH-47 Chinook helicopter flying over Kandahar province

[PANDORA]From The Motley Fool
5 Things Pandora Media Inc. Wants You to Know

[AUDIOBOOKS]Cool minimalist cover art for the new James Bond 007 Audiobooks.

[LA PHOTO]Circa 1922, Los Angeles a fleet of new INDIAN motorcycles.


[TECH]Internet Archive Uploads 2.4 Million Historical Images to Flickr
And yet, the Internet Archive isn't even halfway done with all the images it has to upload.,2817,2465952,00.asp

Moto 360 review
Motorola's long-awaited smartwatch is finally ready for your wrist
It's $250 and the battery does not last the whole day.

[ON THIS DAY]1954 - "The Lone Ranger" was heard on radio for the final time after 2,956 episodes over a period of 21 years.

Retro Radio Memories: The Lone Ranger - Two Bit Cattle Toll (1937) (30 minutes)

[CLASSIC RADIO]1956 Motorola 56M3 Portable Tube Radio

[PARTING SHOT]The world just got less funny. Thanks for all the laughs Joan. Rest in Peace. 

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Friday, August 29, 2014

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence
- Martin Luther King Jr.

[COMMENT]Lisa Ann Walter has been summarily dropped from the weekend lineup at KFI.

This from
Lisa Ann Walter had been missing from her weekend show at KFI for the past two weeks. A deluge of emails asked what happened. Her name and photo has been scrubbed clean from the website.
Neil Saavedra, assistant program director responded: "Lisa Ann Walter will no longer be doing her radio show here at KFI as she will now be focusing on her acting career and her family. Of course we wish her the best."

Nothing has been posted on her Twitter or facebook accounts about her leaving. It's typical of KFI or any radio station to pull an on air host and not say anything and just let the listeners flap in the breeze wondering what happened. Radio stations are horrible at this kind of thing, especially KFI. For those old enough to remember, in 1992 KFI fired number 1 in the ratings Tom Leykis and didn't say anything to the listeners. You have to remember the reality of commercial radio, its about selling ads, not about the listeners, I get that but it's just soo friggin rude. I really liked Lisa, she's a great host. She's funny and very blunt. I wrote a couple things about her in the past. She was one of the very few female hosts that could hold her own. Sorry to see her go.

This week I canceled my subscription to SiriusXM. I never use it and it's $15. And when I do use it I only listen to the "Chill" channel. It's like ambient music. I don't listen to Howard Stern and I just have no time to actually log in and listen. There is a mobile app but then I would have to set up my bluetooth speaker and then it sounds kind of tinny. I have also discovered that the time I want to hear some calming music I can listen to Pandora and now I just found that Soundcloud has ambient music with no commercials. And...I mean come on, I usually have on talk radio, that's always the go to with me. And when and until everything is on either my car radio or my little portable Sony that I have in the house I just can't give it a lot of time. Of course I go to cancel it and SiriusXM says "We are sorry, canceling a subscription is not available online, please call this number". I'm not doing that. I emailed them and told them if they charge my card again I will just have it shut off by my bank. Hear that Comcast story?

*Did you hear that Congressman Paul Ryan sat in for Sean Hannity on Thursday? I only heard the tail end of it. He's pretty good at it. 

[RADIO]Dennis Miller did an interview with Bill Medley that was amazing.
He talks about being friends with Sinatra and Elvis and the fact that "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" is the most played song ever on radio. Bill also talks about his new book.
The Time of My Life: A Righteous Brother's Memoir. Check out some clips from the interview.

From McIntyre in the Morning on 790 KABC a 7 minute conversation
"We asked 86-year-old great grandmother Georgie Marie who the voice was that inspired her "steamy" novel about a woman falling for a radio talk-show host. And?..."

Elizabeth Moss Revels In Naive-But-Calculating Characters
The One I Love is a time-shifting-cosmic romantic comedy starring Elizabeth Moss. NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks with the Mad Men star about her new film and impressive career. (5 minutes)

Frank Morano from AM 830 in New York talks with "Hustler" magazine publisher Larry Flynt. He also talks with two former attorneys, who are also ex cons. He gives his take on the Sharpton march in Staten Island and explains his greatest fear.

I'm not sure how I missed this. From WNYC, Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin interviewing Jerry Seinfeld back in June. A must hear.

Eric Bogosian's TALK RADIO to Begin Performances Next Month at The Chain Theatre. If you haven't seen the film, do it.

[BOOK]Mark Levin was talking about this book in detail. The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society By Arthur Meier Schlesinger, written in 1925. The whole book is a free read on Google Books. Schlesinger was friends with JFK and a Liberal. Mark said today he would be kicked out of the Democrat party.

[SIRIUSXM]Actor John Lithgow joined SiriusXM OutQ’s Larry Flick to discuss his new film Love Is Strange (opening Friday 8/22) Print article with audio and movie trailer.

There is also another interview from Monday on NPR (8 minutes)

[QUOTE]"I was in a bad motel in Niagara Falls once and could hear the awesome rush of the water, I went and got in the shower......
no water pressure"  - Dennis Miller

[STREAMING]There is an article on this website about 4k Streaming and the fact that Samsung is going ahead with a new TV. It says in the article: Amazon’s 2014 original series line-up will soon be available to stream via Samsung Ultra-HD TVs with the launch of the Amazon 4K video streaming service.

4K resolution is a display device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels.

I think this is important because technology is moving quickly as it usually does. The thing that is not necessarily moving quickly enough is access and speed. It's getting close to where a lot of people have 10GB internet service in their homes. But what is needed is fast speed everywhere, in the car and on our phones. It is getting better but phone and cable companies are holding on to bandwidth tightly and charging big for it. This will end, but when? If you are going to be able to stream 4k content to your TV we should have perfect and super fast internet access everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Maybe we will soon, I think this is good news.

Netflix streaming losing 100+ movies in September 2014
Every month brings changes to Netflix's catalog, and while September is seeing the addition of 17 recent seasons of your favorite TV shows, the streaming service is subtracting more than 100 movies from availability.

YouTube may be late to the party but the company has finally hinted at a music streaming service called Music Key.


[PODCASTS]This week on WTF with Marc Maron

From Gilbert Gottfrieds' facebook page this week.
Drawing by the incredibly talented Drew Friedman & my Podcast guest this week. Listen:

Gilbert Gottfried Speaks for the Birds
The Gist asks the comedian about the old showbiz world that drew him to comedy.

[BUMPER STICKER]A little message from the locals to keep people out of the water.

[AUDIOBOOKS]Amazon's Audible audiobooks app for iOS updated with new design and new features

From USA Today
Sci-Fi Encounters: Behind the scenes with 2 audiobook narrators

Hurricane Marie brought much higher than normal surf, sending surfers and body-boarders to catch the waves in Southern California this week. And some of the biggest waves were at..........

N E W P O R T W E D G E – U S A
Known for pulling the biggest swell in southern California, Newport Beach is a surfers’ paradise with its potential for a 30ft shore break.
The large swells send the surf crashing, quite literally, into the jetty. The waves bounce back towards the ocean where they meet and form in a ‘wedge’ shape and huge walls of water.

[PLATE]I think this might be from Mark Levin's car. He does live in Virginia.

[TECH]Larry Elder had Daniela Perdomo Co-founder of GoTenna on the show this week. I have never heard a person like this on Larry's show. It's a new product where you can send text messages with no cell service or Wi-Fi using and antenna and bluetooth. A serious breakthough product. Gotta go check this out.

'Beep' is a documentary about the history of sound in video games

There's another billion-dollar buyout in tech, Amazon's purchase of the video game streaming service Twitch.
Twitch is a company that lets you watch video gaming as a spectator sport — it live-streams gamers gaming and allows viewers to interact during the games, to enormous success. Twitch now boasts 55 million monthly active users, a count that's only growing.

I was listening to Leo Laporte and his producer Chad talking about this. Chad who is a 20 something said that it is more about the humor of the player talking than it is about competition. 

[ON THIS DAY]August 28, 1922 - The first radio commercial aired on WEAF in New York City. The Queensboro Realty Company bought 10 minutes of time for $100.

[CLASSIC RADIO]1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

[PARTING SHOT]September 4th marks the traditional anniversary of the 1781 founding of El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles 

233 Years Young: Happy Birthday Los Angeles!!
Mural by Millard Sheets

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